Bazar Al Haya Affiliate Program

Assalamu alaikum! Welcome to Bazar Al Haya Affiliate Program. Thank you for your interest in promoting our products and we look forward to a long and successful relationship.

Bazar Al Haya is a one-stop shop for one-of-a-kind styles ranging from modest abayas to jilbabs, khimars to scarves, niqabs and modest evening gowns, to prayer dresses.

Bazaralhaya, a specialty women’s clothing brand, is the destination for fashion that features modesty. provides a vast selection of remarkable modest and beautiful clothing at reasonable prices!  We have been dedicated to provide top quality products and solutions. We design and manufacture our products.

Program Details:

  • Commission Rate:  5% 
  • When you sign up, use your PayPal email address as the sign up email so that we can send your payment to you via PayPal.
  • Our Affiliate Program is specifically designed for sharing with friends and family on a personal level. Our program is meant for personal sharing only and we do not collaborate with Business Referral Marketing Websites.

Please click here to register.

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