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perfect. i love the sleeves length. normally all my moms dresses’ sleeves come up short and it’s not practical for prayer but this one is perfect.

Rania Emerald Green

Absolutely love this abayah.

Very lightweight

Wore this niqab for Eid totally love the quality I didn't feel like I was suffocating even though it was super hot. It has great coverage as well!

Black Fazeela Open Front Abaya In Classic Design - Premium Silk Crepe

Very comfortable

Love it

Summer dress

The dress is really flowy, so it’s best to wear it when it’s hotter. It’s just like the images above.

Baby Blue Salam Abaya - Loose & Wide In Nidha
Tanya Johnson-Lewis (Trenton, US)

Great material size is perfect

Black Shams Triangle Diamond Khimar - Cotton Trikataj

Hoor - Two Piece Navy Jilbab With Skirt- Long & Loose

I haven’t received my 3rd order Gold Elaegant Shaheen dress

I love the material the fit and most of all it was delivered on time, May Allah continue to bestow blessings upon you

Looks great

I love the style. It's pretty though I didn't think the color would look like blush pink

Matte Moon Hand Bag In Black (Freeport, US)

Love it !!

Finally a swimsuit that matches what I would wear notmally

Haven’t been swimming yet but love the colors, the feel and comfort and the modesty!

Black Faraasha Butterfly Wide Abaya - Silk Crepe
Tamika Charles (Philadelphia, US)

Everything in my order I loved. Quality was on point.. received everything in less that a week.. I will be ordering from here again

Love it perfect fabric and outstanding color

As Pictured

This abaya set is exactly as pictured and fits wonderfully. The abaya is of good quality and I love how easy it is to iron! I would

Dressed to Impress!

The Good 😍: I recently purchased this beautiful black Munawwar Khimar (Soft Nida) primarily for the last ten nights of Ramadan, and it arrived just in time! I've washed and worn it every single evening for Qiyaam at the masjid, and I've felt immensely focused and at peace while wearing it. It's astonishing how much of an impact clothing can have on one's khushoo, Alhamdulillah! It has become like a nightly uniform, Masha'Allah. One particularly convenient feature I noticed is that during prostration/sujood, the front piece of the khimar automatically acts as a prayer rug, eliminating the need for me to carry one to the mosque. Additionally, I found the khimar to be quite warm when the temperature dropped, which was particularly comforting when the heating was off.

While I don't typically wear a niqab, I decided to try it during suhoor at the masjid and felt incredibly modest and cozy in it, Masha'Allah. When an aunt questioned my choice, I humorously responded, "I am dressed up for Jibreel (A)" 🙈, as I wanted to make a special impression on Laylatul Qadr.

The Meh 😐: I did notice that the khimar style, when worn for extended periods (I wore it for 7 hours straight, with wudu breaks), made my hair flat against my scalp. In the future, I'll opt for wearing it for shorter durations to avoid this issue. Additionally, I wouldn't recommend styling it with a high bun, as it can become weighed down and cause discomfort later on. Braids or low ponytails worked well to alleviate this problem.

Overall: I am a satisfied customer. May He SWT reward you all and put barakah in your business. Ameen. I particularly appreciate the quality of the material, as it requires minimal ironing and can be grabbed straight from the dryer! 🙇‍♀️

Very good Salah dress

It is so comfortable and easy to wear.
The material is very soft.

My packgage is still
Not arrived

White Day & Night Electronic Tasbih - LED Light Digital Counter


I love this abaya! The style, material, length and flow of fabric is amazing. I am 5'6 and 250 and it covers my feet and is super modest and flowy! Sleeves are wudu friendly also! definitely recommend! I ordered size xxl

The dress is amazing!

I would say it took quite a bite of time to deliver, around 25 days, but maybe that’s considered the standard. I’m so excited to wear it inshallah on my wedding day . It’s beautiful!